Health InfoNet of Alabama

‚Äč Your Life Boat in a Sea of Health Information!

What's unique about Health InfoNet? It's the expertise of librarians all over Alabama ready to help you keep from drowning in a sea of health information while searching for just the information you need. Just call your local public library. No matter where you are, your local librarian is ready to help you with your health question, with backup help from the state medical libraries at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and the University of South Alabama. Or call 1-855-INFONET (1-855-463-6638) and you will be directed to your best source.

This Health InfoNet of Alabama Web site is one of the resources available for Alabama residents as part of this service. Use it to look for quality-filtered online sources of health information or local health services around the state. Or just post your question here and a librarian will respond shortly!

*REMINDER: Only a licensed health practitioner who has a complete medical history of an individual can advise that person in health decisions. Materials included in the InfoNet libraries and resources provided on the website do not necessarily imply approval or recommendation by Health InfoNet of Alabama.

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